Ideas for a Relaxing Bath Experience

by JetShine Info

Although we love our cleaning products, we really just love what they give us--the chance to have a great, relaxing bath experience.  So, other than having a clean jetted bathtub, what are some ideas for a relaxing bath experience?

  • Forget real candles--messy, dangerous, and a pain to deal with.  Get some great battery operated candles.
  • Clear out the clutter--no one likes visual clutter around the bathtub when you are trying to relax.  This isn't your kiddies' bathtime, so get rid of all the bathtoys, kids sponges, and anything else that detracts visually.
  • Get the temperature right, not too hot, not too cold--we think about 107 degrees is just right.
  • Throw in some epsom salts--believe it or not, they make a difference.  Just don't over-do it
  • Keep your towel and robe near the bath for easy access when you exit.
  • Oh, and did forget to say, a clean bath!?