It’s the Most Tidy Time of the Year

by Ashley Krause

The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The blossoms are popping up everywhere. We welcome Spring with open arms… but, sometimes spring cleaning is not as easily embraced. So, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to improve the process while your motivation is high.

  1. Go through your old stuff frequently. That doesn’t mean you should purge every week, but every 10 years is probably not enough. Utilize the “Keep–Donate–Throw Away” system every few months. Trust us… you’ll be happy you did!
  2. Get your family involved. Cleaning is so much faster and more fun when there are multiple sets of hands. Blast some music, turn cleaning into a game, plan a reward for the group once you finish. Transform Spring Cleaning into the event of the season!
  3. Break cleaning up into manageable chunks. One way to do this is by keeping a weekly and monthly to-do list! While there are certain things in your home that need more frequent attention than others, you surely don’t have to do everything in one weekend. Check out an example list here.
  4. Open up the windows. Let the fresh air and sunshine into your home. Let the spring energy rejuvenate you! When you’re done with all your hard work, you and your home will feel good as new.
  5. Work smarter–Not harder. There are so many amazing cleaning products on the market just begging to do the work for you! For example, instead of throwing out your back scrubbing the tub, try JetShine Jetted Tub Cleaner. It’s as easy as “pour, wait, and wipe”!