The Great Tower of Bubbles

by Ashley Krause

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all love some good bubbles. There’s something about the carefree nature and iridescent shine of them that creates a feeling of awe. It transports us back to nostalgic memories of our childhood. But as adults, we often miss out on some of those pure and simple joys as we try to “act our age.” 

One dad, however, became an online sensation by showing just how much fun bath time can be, for both kids and parents. Originally posting a video on the Facebook page,, in 2019, this dad went viral by reminding us how awe-inspiring bubbles really are, whether you’re 4-years-old or 45-years-old. Watch the video here!

We find a scene of four kids, all below the age of 7, enjoying one of the most massive bubble towers ever seen. At first, the two boys in the bath don’t realize how big the bubble edifice has grown (with it even touching the ceiling), while the other two look on in awe and excitement. You can hear in the dad’s voice just how much fun he is having too.

It probably required a hefty amount of bubble bath and soap to get such a colossal tower, but according to this devoted dad- all of the clean up was well worth it for such a lighthearted and memorable experience for his kids. Now it’s your turn to embrace your inner child! What kind of bubble masterpiece would you create?