The Power of Aroma

by Ashley Krause

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Rain. Ocean air. Jasmine blossoms in the springtime. You name it. There are plenty of lovely smells to choose from. And we’ll buy any number of candles or air fresheners to create a certain atmosphere around us. But why is aroma so important?

Well, aromas have the power to trigger specific memories and powerful emotions that transport us to a different place and time. Smell awakens connections in our brain that we forgot even existed. For example, the smell of freshly baked cookies transports us to Sunday afternoons helping our mom bake. But it works both ways- there are many wonderful scents with positive associations, and there are also lots of terrible ones. The kind that makes us breathe through our mouth instead. Like food gone bad. Or burning rubber. Or harsh chemicals. 

Our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our mood and current state. The brain regions that process smell, memories, and emotions are intimately connected. And of all of our senses, smell is the one that is best equipped to conjure up those memories and emotions. 

That’s why we wanted to create a cleaning product that leaves your home smelling fresh, natural, and pleasant. Who says a cleaner can’t be effective while still smelling lovely? Say goodbye to harsh, chemical-smelling household cleaners that leave you with a headache. Your bath experience should smell a little more like a real, flourishing plant, and a little bit less like a chemical plant. Let the aroma of sage and eucalyptus permeate your home instead.