To Jetted Tub or Not to Jetted Tub?

by Ashley Krause

Many of us have seen movies showing the big house with the fancy jetted bathtub. It all just seems so luxurious, doesn't it? But what’s the big difference between a jetted tub and a regular, everyday one? Well, the obvious answer here is the jets, of course, but that’s not all! Jetted bathtubs are known for a number of additional benefits:

  1. Muscle relaxation- One of the most common forms of recovery for athletes is hydrotherapy, in which water and air jets gently massage tired muscles and improve blood flow to fatigued areas. After a hard gym session or even just a really stressful week, it can be beneficial to take a daily soak in a jetted tub.
  2. Pain relief- For those with chronic illness, mobility-related aches, or arthritis, a jetted tub can help to relieve those aches and pains. Since jetted tubs are larger and much deeper than standard tubs, they also give you the space you need to gently work out and stretch achy limbs.
  3. Comfortable soaking- We might sometimes overlook this benefit… but for those that are on the taller side, bathing can be a bit inconvenient and even uncomfortable. Jetted tubs offer more room to really enjoy the bathing experience. It’s like sitting in your own personal hot tub, rather than trying to jam long arms and legs into a teeny-tiny porcelaine space. Now, does that sound all that relaxing?
  4. De-stressing- Let’s be honest, most of us probably have really positive memories of bathing as children. The bubbles, the warm water, the rubber duckies. It was a time set apart to play in the water and let our imagination run wild. As we get older, bathing can begin to seem like more of an inconvenience than a pleasurable experience. But it truly can be just as positive of an experience as an adult- the feel of the bubbles from the jets, the warmth, the aroma of bath salts. Stress and tension seem to just melt away.
  5. Cleanliness- Sure, you can access jacuzzi tubs at your local fitness center or pool. But who knows who was in there before you! There’s so much more peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who has been in the tub and whether it has been cleaned to your standard or not. And when it does come time to give your tub that sparkle, try JetShine, an all-natural jetted tub cleaner that not only works effectively, but smells heavenly. Toss in just one capful of JetShine to the leftover water when you finish your bath, and watch it work its magic! All you have to do is wipe it out, and your tub will be all ready to go for your next wonderful bathing experience.

While the upfront cost of installing a jetted bathtub might be higher, the overall health benefits that come with it are hard to beat. All of the benefits of a spa, but from the comfort of your own home!